alarmToday 2.81

Control all your alarms

alarmToday offers complete control over all alarms on your Pocket PC from the Today screen. You can view, change, delete and create new alarms with just a few actions. Create powerful repeating alarms, wake up to your favorite music or open a specific Word/Excel document when your appointment is due. Never be suprised when your Pocket PC suddenly rings in an important meeting or in church. Quickly jot down reminders for later, or set recurring alarms to be woken up every morning with your favourite music.


  • Clear overview of all alarms
  • Provides repeating alarms (even on PPC 2002) and escalating sound. Supports Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion and ListPro alarmNotes.
  • Single click open / edit alarm in host application
  • Allows deletion of alarms, including annoying warnings on startup from previously installed applications
  • Interfaces directly with Outlook, Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion
  • Powerful custom alarms to play music (including complete songlists, MP3, WMA, OGG or Realplayer), open documents or applications and much more
  • Quick handwritten alarm notes
  • Macro alarms (such as download your email, requires buttonMax)
  • Override system sound so no alarms go unheard, or one-click disable when you don't want to be disturbed.
  • Automatically remove duplicate alarms (fixes WM2003 bug)
  • Supports repeating vibrating alarms on Phone devices
  • Set custom Task time (not always 8am)
  • Repeating alarms supported in all major European languages, for Outlook, Agenda Fusion, Pocket Informant and ListPro
  • alarmNotes with voice recording playback automatically on alarm
  • Real "meeting mute" - set "mute mode" for next 'x' hours if you're in meeting/cinema.
  • Set custom sounds per alarm type, also per category/priority for Appointments/Tasks - up to 20 different sounds can be configured

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alarmToday 2.81

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  • by Anonymous

    The best alarm utility for the PPC on the market!.
    AlarmToday is in my opinion by far the best alarm-related uti...   More